After a completed military action, the atmosphere of of triumphant relaxation and camaraderie will be suddenly and irreversibly disturbed by a revelation of a hidden crime.

À la suite d’une opération militaire réussie, l’atmosphère de triomphe et de camaraderie  d’un petit village se voit perturbé par la révélation d’exactions cachées.


Titre original / Original Title : Grimizno

Pays / Country : Croatia

Société de production / Production Agency : Kinematograf

Réalisateur / Director : Dijana Mlađenović

Langue / Language : Croatian

Sous titres / Subtitles : Anglais (English)

Durée / Duration : 00 : 17 : 52

Genre / Film genre : Fiction, Drama, War

Date de production / Production Date : 2017

Couleur / Color : √

Format sonore / Sound format : Dolby 5.1



Distributeur / Distributor

The Wild Room
10 avenue Marceau 92400 Courbevoie

Tel : + 33 (0)6 33 67 71 00

Director’s note

Through critical and cognitive discourse, the short SCARLET attempts to articulate questions about the war in a different way -from individual and intimate standpoints as opposed to usual collective discourses. It attempts to question differentethics and esthetics of the war, heroism, crimes and capabilities to face them. It analyses what war and other traumatic events in everyday life meant for civilians and soldiers alike, and how -in different circumstances “ordinary people” can do extraordinary things -either good or bad. If the art of film-making has its own social mission, then the mission of the short film “Scarlet” is to strengthen the consciousness about different perspectives and experiences of war and suffering. On the other hand, there is also an important issue of personal responsibility of each and every one of us to take the stand against violence, be it during the times of war or in general.

Director’s Bio

Dijana Mladenovic earned degrees from the Rijeka University Faculty of Law and the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Art (Production Department). Her first professional experience was with the judicial system, and from 1999 until 2008 she organized film exhibitions in Pula. At the same time she worked as a freelancer in the production of several TV and film projects, and took part in organization and creative development of several film festivals. She is the founder and general manager of the KINEMATOGRAF production company.